Right of the Consumer to cancel

  1. If the customer is a consumer and if he has concluded a contract with the supplier by the exclusive use of telecommunications equipment, in particular telephone, email or fax, or if he has concluded a contract using the supplier’s website, he shall be entitled to cancel his declaration of intent relating to the conclusion of the contract within two weeks without having to give any reasons. This period shall commence at the latest on the day after receipt of the goods if the customer has received this information about his right to cancel in written form by this date. The cancellation can be completed by returning the goods to the supplier’s address (Longo Deutschland GmbH, Ammannstraße 12, 86167 Augsburg) or by sending notification in writing to the supplier. The prompt sending of the cancellation or the goods shall be sufficient for meeting this deadline.
  2. Goods which can be sent by parcel mail are to be returned at our expense and risk to the supplier’s address: Longo Deutschland GmbH, Ammannstraße 12, 86167 Augsburg. Contrary to this, the customer shall pay the normal cost of returning the goods if the gross purchase price of the goods being returned does not exceed EUR 40.00 or if the price is higher the customer has not made the payment or part of the payment at the time of the cancellation unless the goods are not the ones that were ordered.
  3. In the event of an effective cancellation, the supplier shall reimburse any purchase price that has already been paid to the customer. If the customer cannot return the goods or services received in full or in part or can only do so in deteriorated condition, he shall be liable for compensation even if the deterioration in condition is due to the goods having been used for their design purpose. The reduction in value may amount to the full purchase price. The customer can prevent any reduction in value in particular by not using the goods as if he were the owner and by not taking any action which may reduce their value.
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